Amed Beach


Amed beach is a beach with beautiful dream. This is special paradise of outstanding exotic beauty. This beach is located in Amed village, Abang, Karangasem regency. The access to this beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport is about 3 hours drive.

IMG_3605Sailing boat out to sea, visitors can diving, snorkeling, fishing and exploration the beauty of this beach. But, attraction of Amed beach is located on the beauty of underwater. Coral reefs and various species of ornamental fish added with constant temperature about 28 Celsius degrees in Amed beach makes this beach very suitable for diving or snorkeling. Rock crevices nice to be passed by divers. The type and numbers of fish in Amed beach is the best than others beach in Bali island. This location is very good for beginner divers because it has a flat lagoon and to enjoy the amazing scenery coral reefs, visitors just simply swim 5 minutes. As well suited for diving and snorkeling, Amed beach is also a romantic place to honeymoon.  In around Amed beach, there is many inns and bungalows for visitors keep overnight while enjoying panoramic of beach. 


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