Virgin Beach Karangasem


Virgin beach is a beach that it name not so famous in Bali like Kuta beach and Tanah Lot beach. This beach is located in the eastern of Bali exactly in Prasi village, Karangasem regency. Two hours drive needed to reach this beach from Denpasar city. Actually, the original names of this beach is Prasi beach or White Sand Beach but visitors who visit this beach call it is Virgin beach, because this beach still quiet and natural.

Sea panoramic of thdsc_0204-copyis beach is unbelievably beautiful. It has a white sand, fresh and clean sea water and calm waves. Visitors can swimming or snorkeling in sea water which has greenish blue color. Not only that, on the shoreline grow coconut trees is soothing this beach. While take shelter for enjoying the beauty of beach, visitors also see scenery around beach is flanked by two hills namely Bugbug hills and Prasi hills. Truly the beauty of beach is captivate the hearts.


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