Tanah Lot Beach


Tanah Lot beach is a beach  which has become a famous tourist attraction in Bali. This beach is located in Beraban village, Tabanan regency. The distance is about 20 kilometer from Denpasar city. From Ngurah Rai International Airport can be reached in less than 1 hours.

Ocean Temple

Tanah Lot in Balinese language means “land in the sea” has a temple namely Tanah Lot temple. This temple is a temple which is in the middle of the sea upon the rock exactly 300 meters from the beach. A temple that stands firmly on the rock of which continue to hit the waves. In the halls of the cliff around this temple, there are striped snakes and tame. This snakes believed by local people as the guard of the temple.

Visitors will get a very beautiful view in the Tanah Lot beach around 6 pm, the sunset will beautify the sky above Tanah Lot temple. The beauty of sunset in Tanah Lot is very famous so that in the afternoon, Tanah Lot is very crowded. Accompanied by the roar of the waves, enjoying the sunset in Tanah Lot beach will become a memorable experience. 


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