Besakih Temple Tours

Besakih is the biggest Hindu temple complex situated in the tranquility of Besakih Village which is located on the foot of Agung Mount. When we do for sightseeing to Besakih, we will discover several beautiful sights include Kerta Gosa, Bukit Jambul and Besakih Temple. This temple is the biggest temple in Bali Island that is famous called by Mother Temple due to the local people pray the gods and their ancestors. It is a secret temple complex perfectly situated in the plateau area surrounded by beautiful natures and good temperatures those are ideally for meditation.

bali, island, hindu, temples, besakih, besakih temple

Besakih Temple, The Biggest Hindu Temples in Bali

besakih temple, bali, hindu

Besakih Temple, Entrance Gate

Besakih Temple Tour is an exciting sightseeing program in Bali taking 8 – 9 hours to the east of Bali Island. This tour program will discover the historical site like Kertha Gosa, a heritage site featured by the beautiful traditional building with Balinese architectures and used as a court by Klungkung King to judge his subordinate kings who violated the law or regulations in the empire era.

kertha gosa, klungkung, bali, empire

Kertha Gosa, Klungkung Bali

Bukit Jambul is another place of interest you will visit on this tour. It is a hill land featured by the beautiful nature with panoramic view of rice terrace and landscape until the ocean.

Bukit Jambul, karangasem, Bali

Bukit Jambul, karangasem, Bali


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