Bali Uluwatu Kecak and Fire Dance

Kecak Dance is one of the spectacular Balinese traditional dances uniquely use the sound of mouth to follow the dance. This dance needs uniformity of group movements including the cohesiveness of sound like “cak, cak, cak, cak” and making beautiful sound. Several Balinese dancers will play their own rule to follow the story of Ramayana Epoch. On the top of this performance, you will be presented the spectacular fire dance that makes the warm atmosphere of stage.

 If you join Uluwatu Sunset Tour, you will have the opportunity to see this Kecak Dance and ask you local travel agency to arrange it.

Kecak Dance, uluwatu, temple, bali

Kecak Dance

bali, uluwatu kecak, dances

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Performance

Balinese Dancer, uluwatu, bali, kecak dance

Balinese Dancer

uluwatu, kecak, dance, bali

Uluwatu Kecak Fire Dance

ramayana, bali, uluwatu, kecak dance

Ramayana, Uluwatu Kecak Dance


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