Ayung River Rafting, Ubud Bali Adventures

Ayung River Rafting is one of well establish adventure companies in Bali specially dealing with white water rafting adventure under A True Balinese Experience Company that operating several adventure activities includes Rafting, Horse Riding, Cycling, Elephant Riding and Trekking. Today, when we talk about Ayung River Rafting Company is one of recommended rafting adventures that professionally provide the fantastic river adventure to explore 8 km Ayung River with 3 rapid levels. This adventure is conducted from finish point at Bali Elephant Camp, the most favorite elephant riding in this island located at Bongkasa Village, west of Ubud.

Ayung River Rafting, bali, adventures, rafting

Ayung River Rafting

Why we choose Ayung River Rafting?

ayung, bali, river, raftingIt is very simple where this company has dedicated staff and professional river guide that will bring you to your rafting adventure enjoyable, exploring the most fantastic challenges of river rapids with experienced technical. Here, you can also combine your rafting adventure with sort elephant riding at Bali Elephant Camp just located at start point. When we talk about the price, Ayung River Rafting offers very competitive and reasonable price that will meet your requirements.

How much is the price?

We suggest you to contact your travel agent to get the rate or we may suggest to contact Bali Star Island to get a good deals for this activity.

How long is the adventure?

Rafting with Ayung River Rafting will take 2 hours on water to explore 8 km beautiful river. There will be free transportation for pick up and drop services are available that most the price included. Let say simply, you will need 7 – 8 hours to join this trip from you hotel and the time is depended on your hotel location.

What is inclusive on this adventure?

On the package price offered, you will entire of free pick up services at the respective hotel area, safety equipment  river guides, rafting adventures, lunch, shower facilities including towels and medical insurance.

What to Bring?

If you join white water rafting at Ayung River Rafting, the following items need to be brought along include:

  • Sandal/river shoes
  • Swimsuit/wet clothe
  • Change clothe
  • Body lotion
  • Camera (underwater camera is preferable)
  • Money for drinks or purchase photos

bali, ayung, rafting, ubud


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