Bali White Water Rafting Adventures

Bali Island is a famous tourist destination in the world provides complete tourist attractions including water adventures that the most favorite activities in this island. White Water Rafting is one of the exciting water adventures that the most tourists love to join it. Bali Tour Vacation provide several rafting companies who professionally dealing with this adventure and will bring you to the fantastic experience to explore both river Ayung and Telagawaja.

bali, rafting, water, adventures

Bali White Water Rafting Adventures

Choice of Rafting Companies

Sobek Bali Adventure

bali, sobek, rafting, adventuresSobek Bali Adventure is a pioneer of rafting adventure company operating for both rafting in Ayung River and Telagawaja River. It is well supported by professional teams and more..

Bali Adventure Tours

bali, adventures, rafting, ayung riverBali Adventure Tours is a well establish adventure company provide exciting rafting adventure only in Ayung River supported professional teams to bring you to the exciting experiences, More


Mega Rafting

Mega Rafting, Bali, Ayung RiverMega Rafting is well establishing adventure company professionally dealing with rafting adventure only in Ayung River. They professionally serve this service with solid and experienced teams to keep customer enjoyable for rafting and more

Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting, bali, adventures, raftingAyung River Rafting is another professional rafting company provides rafting adventure only at Ayung River where the start point is from Bongkasa Village where the elephant camp is located. You may also enjoy elephant riding before the rafting start and see more

Bali International Rafting

bali, adventures, international, raftingBali International Rafting is a professional rafting company operating at Telagawaja River providing the longest rafting track within 16 km for 2,5 hours on the water. They will bring you to the exciting water adventures with great jump down at the water dam on the last track, see more…



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